How the entire internet is reacting to SCOTUS gay marriage ruling (and it's beautiful)


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this could be a win for social conservatives … If conservatives would STFU and focus on their core values[/quote]Frankly, I think their current, core “values” are ignorance, fear and hatred. Also, social conservatives aren’t known to STFU about anything that triggers their ignorance, fear and hatred.

However, I do hope that things like this SCOTUS ruling helps to further speed the dying off of that backwards, stunted mentality.


And I’m in DC this week… except I’ve spent all the days in archives and all the evenings in the Smithsonians…



“And intolerance!”
“FOUR! Our four weapons are ignorance, fear, hatred and intolerance!”
“What about opposition to human animal hybrids?”


Picture source.


OTOH, I find the idea gross and disgusting…which is why I intend to not do it…I really don’t see any reason why my dislike would make me want to ban it for others…I don’t want to ban brussel sprouts either…


On a nice day like today, someone always has to be a dick.
Not sure why.


Credit where credit is due, that’s an Allie Brosh illustration:


I like both cocks and brussel sprouts. One I like hot and covered with olive oil. The other is high in fiber.


Across the country, tens of thousands of mothers and aunts suddenly sit upright, turn off Fox News, look thoughtful and think “Well you know, I like planning weddings.”


I had exactly the same response! For what it’s worth, I’m pretty sure that is Allie’s art.


Self-loathing projected outwards often seems to be the case.




I’ll explain in for an idiot like you (hey insulting is a game for two or more players and you made the first move):

Gay marriage was a thing before the US SCOTUS ruling. Just not in the USA. That was what I meant with “navel gazing”.


that ‘fair chunk’? They’re called Democrats.

But that “if” is going to be difficult for some people to understand and accept.

It would take a pretty interesting shift in POV.

Come to the dark side, we have cookies.


“I’ll come in again.”


It’s not “navel gazing” it’s being happy for what happened, dude.
Taking Boing Boing pedantry to new levels. Congrats.


Just wish the affordable health care part was true. However, at least the ACA was a step up from where we were and a defeat for the Republicans that wanted to keep the draconian status quo even more rigidly in place.

Hopefully grassroots people will continue to contribute, support and stand by Bernie Sanders after he’s elected. Then we’ll finally see someone actually fight for a true single payer system instead of something like Obama/RomneyCare.


[quote=“FFabian, post:34, topic:60542”]I’ll explain in for an idiot like you … Gay marriage was a thing before the US SCOTUS ruling. Just not in the USA. That was what I meant with “navel gazing”.

Ok, thank you for clearing that all up for us, Debbie.