AutoGPT will take over your tasks and then your livelihood

Cheap now, expensive later.


If we ever do get to the point of not needing workers to make stuff and provide services, then the owners of the automation systems also don’t need money from large numbers of sales to do those things. They can provide them to themselves and each other, whether anyone else benefits or not.

No one asked the horses’ opinions on automobiles, and the declines in demand for equine feed and poop removal weren’t Henry Ford’s problems.

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It’s what great grandpa used to tell us he dreamed the future would be…

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It really is a depressing dichotomy, ask them about taxes to pay for social services, and this is their answer “people are lazy, I wish I had motivated workers”

Watch their actions on the automating labor and union busting, and it’s clear that the end goal is to have everyone be only consumers. From leveraging consumers’ collective desire to lower prices over labor’s right to a living wage (Wal-Mart, Amazon) to automation, the masses only value to the billionaire class is as consumers and wallets to compete over.

But what about craft, the struggle of self-actualization and the satisfaction of creation and accomplishment?

Who cares, Consumers want an endless stream of meaninglessly created Content.

But what about the Patreon consumer, who does care about individual creators, and takes satisfaction from supporting a creator and their passion for the craft?

Most consumers don’t care, and once we can assimilate any creation into our networks in real-time, they will be overwhelmed by the flood and quickly forget what individual creation is (or we’ll created AI-generated avatars associated with Content Streams that they can have parasocial relationships with…)


But nothing. Watch your procedurally-generated police procedural and eat your Ai-generated Funky New Recipe for BBQ Sliders and shut up.


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