WATCH: Bricklaying robot ushers in semi-automated masonry

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Well thank goodness! Those bricklayers are just about the last skilled craftsmen in the world. If we can automate their jobs there will be more competition for the WalMart jobs that remain, which will drive wages down and increase profitability!


What Walmart jobs do you think can’t be automated? Customer service maybe?

Labor is going away. We are all going to be selling insurance to each other.


I just hope that I live long enough to watch the CEOs lose their jobs to “smart CEOs” and lawyers become an app.


Manual labor must die. Just say no to wooden shoes.


One more step toward automated Freemasonry. That’s when things get dicey.


Which raises an interesting question Chesterfield. How would your family survive if you passed away suddenly? Most Americans aren’t prepared to handle the unexpected events that provide peace of mind.

What if you were killed by a robot at your VW plant.
(Contractor was setting up the stationary robot when it grabbed and crushed him against a metal plate at the plant in Baunatal)

Who would provide for your family?

Contact me at Old Glory Insurance. For insurance against robot attacks.

Live Long and Prosper
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How come nobody works on developing automated customers?


The people with money and power are always the ones to weather these kinds of changes and stay on top (absent an actual revolution, and often even then). We’ll still have overpaid human CEOs long after they’re no longer necessary.

What this means is that our robot overlords, whom I welcome with open arms, will be able to efficiently build walls around human cities.

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I could picture a good story with that as a premise. It’s like the ultimate end goal of capitalism just hoards of machines clamoring over each other, trying to prevent humans from doing anything lest they absorb any capital from the economy. The robots want it all to spend on iTunes and expensive data plans and stock options - that way the robots aren’t hoarding anything that could be actually useful to the overlords that created them. Meanwhile the rest of the humans are just above starvation and constantly being told by metallic voices to just get better skills that robots would actually pay for.

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My back hurts just thinking about being a bricklayer, much less feeding bricks to a fast bricklaying robot.

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I’ve been putting this off for too long.

Dear internet,

“Horde” and “hoard” are two different words. Same goes for “pooh-pooh” and “poo-poo.” Not the same.

Thank you.


Bejeweled, decorated masterwork shoes of grown maclura pomifera forever! Also of course a few Gehry & Associates bricks, some macro-scale self-assembly, plus matmos kilns that don’t fail so badly.

If you replace biological “robots” that consume, and happily pay for, corn, wheat and plastic (and some other things) with technological robots that don’t respond to advertising and can’t buy things, how is that going to play out, economically?

I’m at a Dave & Busters for a kid’s birthday party right now - they have pretty much automated the process

Edit this is a “game” where Ali you do is watch a video…

Well, I think the chairs shake a little. I am familiar with a similar “game” at Chuck E. Cheese.

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Ya, vibrates, blows air, and hits ya with a bit of water spray when appropriate… Tried it after the kids - nice vibrating massage.

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I was trying to do a stupid joke.

A cartoon from 1910, about how the future will look in 2000.

More, mostly less accurate, here: