Automatically generate datasets that teach people how (not) to create statistical mirages

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Autodesk Research should do a study on how to get Maya to crash less often, especially since they are tripling the price of it.

Oooh, there are many great apps online for that. One of my favourites is this one, that lets you find the “proper” combination for showing that Dems or Reps have historically benefitted the American economy from real data: (This is originally from this article which is an insightful read.) The best thing about it: I found myself rationalizing that the one that most convinced me was the one that, lo and behold, aligned with my own political stance - and I use these kinds of methods regularly (inferential statistics, that is, not dishonest p-hacking, at least I’d hope).

This one’s another example from a German psychologist that spoke at my uni about these issues not long ago but it creates simulations rather than working with real data: (Elaboration in this blog post.)


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