Automotive tires sent down a ski jump


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Interesting. The tradeoffs are wind resistance and the amount of potential energy that goes into rotation, thus resulting in a slower takeoff and a shorter flight. Based on that, pretty much as expected. The F1 tyre is very light and you would expect wind resistance to have a big effect. The truck tyre is much heavier but with less wind resistance, so more energy goes into velocity.

When Galileo did his experiments with rolling balls down a slope, he didn’t know about rotational kinetic energy. Had he used it to get a value for g he would have ended up with the wrong answer.


Bahaha :smiley:

Gotta love Japanese TV sometimes, they seem like they’re having so much fun :slight_smile:

On a similar vein: my favourite silly thing.


Imy favorite part is that the guy sending the tires down the jump is wearing a lab coat.


As someone who once inspected tires, upon seeing that last one I immediately thought ‘This is not going to end well’.



This is a great combo of content and advertisement, though after six minutes it gets a bit tired.


And this is odd because? For great Science!


And the white gloves also helped.


To whoever came up with this wonderful, loony idea…have a sake on me.


That last tire was just the right size for riding down in! I don’t know how they were able to resist.


Because SCIENCE!!!


Bit like one of these? :stuck_out_tongue:

(might be a tad bumpy on the landing though :wink: )


I would love to see this at night with LED’s on the tires.


Well my money was on supaatsu-kaa taiya.


I liked the torakku taiya best. I bet the last one would have gone tremendously further if the ramp had held.




Who wrote the music? This is amazing!!!


Eddie the Goodyear Eagle!