Baby washes car


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That baby is impossibly cute. (And so is Dad, actually.)


That was adorable :smiley:


I was expecting some kind of chamois onesie. But this’ll do nicely instead. :smiley:


Best dad ever.

EDIT: and baby.


Final step: put baby in car seat, run car through automated car wash.

When I was small I loved it when my parents got the car washed, although YMMV.


About the size thing…is she being paid at scale?


How to wash a car with a baby.

Step 1: apply soap liberally to baby
Step 2: rub baby vigorously over all surfaces of the car


I loved it 'cept I was a bit afraid of the big black overhead brush that would descend upon the vehicle… All the other brushes were red/white striped.


That’s about how it would go if I tried it with my daughter, especially the part where she tries to brush her hair with the scrubbing brush.

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