Baking fantastic bagels is supremely simple

Chicago pizza isn’t special? Um… your opinion is now seriously suspect.


Hmmm…maybe I will have to try it on my next batch.

You might try a St Urbain Bagel Bakery around Toronto. It’s been many years since I’ve been there, so I can’t vouch for them these days.

Looking at the recipe, I wonder if you could cheat, buy a ball of “pizza dough” from the supermarket, and skip to step 4?

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This is really the big question. Dirty secret the Rebbis have yet to confront: Philadelphia Cream Cheese is from cows treated with RBST/Bovine Growth Hormone.

I really like Nancy’s Organic.

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I still find it’s easiest to just toast them.

PROTIP: Slice them, first.


I live in New Zealand and most of the bagels you order in a cafe here would be what I call a “bread roll with a hole”. They are not great. I think the boiling stage is often omitted. But because we’re so backward with food people don’t seem to mind. When I make bagels I am even more lazy and make the dough in the bread maker.

  1. Some but not all Philadelphia Cream Cheese products are kosher certified
  2. Your concern about RBST/hormone treatment is irrelevant to #1

If this were really true then there’s no excuse for all the crappy bagels in the world


Gryfe’s is definitely in the Montreal style. There’s more and more places here in TO that are making them too.

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Thank you! At least now I know what type to ask for.

Agreed. It’s “simple” but to do it right takes effort. This applies to anything, of course.
All those one time regional things are not rocket science- bagels, cheese steaks, pizza, proper tacos, etc - but someone has to want to take the time to do it right. Effort and quality ingredients.

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I wonder what you folks think of this:

Ducks and runs for cover as hilariousness explodes

Oh sure, Jason gets to use ■■■■■ in his posts.
(Read this in a hurt DJT voice.)

Anyway, thanks for the recipe. My first and so far only try to make bagels myself was traumatic, but now I think I’ll give it another try next month when I’ll have the kitchen for me alone and no witnesses around.

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Yes, it’s not tied to Kosher certification but I wish it was. Mastitis and other maladies are higher in cows treated with rBST.

I’m looking at you, Safeway’s toroidal dinner roll.


Posts on Boing Boing are not “posts on the bbs.” I assure you that we’re in the same ■■■■■ boat here.


Oh, it’s special all right… (although I don’t think that term is PC anymore)

So that’s why you used this golden opportunity to post it four times… :metal:t3:

:pretzel:, as there doesn’t seem to be a bagel icon.

Flyover country, represent!*

 * time machine required, as the A^2 Bagel Factory closed many moons ago…but MD Bagel still serves up fragels!

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For people who like to bake by weight like me, I converted this to:

  • 525g bread flour
  • 10-15g salt (Not 20 as I wrote earlier)
  • 20g white sugar
  • 335g warm water
  • 7g active yeast

I’m making my first batch right now, so I’ll let you know how it went if people want.