Banksy booby-trapped a painting so it self-destructed after Sotheby's sold it for £953,829


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And, of course, art dealers are now speculating that the shred is more valuable than the painting. Next time Banksy should have the art combust. The whole art market is a big scam.


This says so much about art and property ownership… what genius.!
Banksy has never asked for money or donations to fulfill his journey through life. He understands that art is owned by everyone and is purely for enjoyment, making a statement, or provoking a thought.


This raises a ton of questions, not least of which, is this the “real” Girl With A Balloon" at all? The battery required to drive a shredder would be large and (I think) unlikely to last for ten years with out servicing. Someone had to have recently done something to ensure the shredder would still work. If no one at Sotheby’s was involved, seems like the seller would have to have been. Since the seller “acquired the object from the artist directly,” could the seller actually be Banksy?


Why is it a scam? You have limited supply and massive demand so prices are going to be high.

In this case, the Banksy folks clearly knew what they were doing. If they actually wanted to destroy the painting, they would have used a cross-cut shredder. This was just brilliant marketing.


Gotta love Banksy.
But something is not right here. The painting was acquired directly from Banksy in 2006. I doubt there was a mechanism already in place that wouldn’t be noticed by the owner and curators. It was remotely activated , so it means that’s battery-operated and worked flawlessly after 12 years.
This must have been a stunt with the collaboration and knowledge of the auction house.

In any case, gotta love Banksy.


Brilliant. As a registered member of the audience, I say yes, the painting is now worth more. The only question is how to display it?


Couldn’t he have just scribbled “This is a fake” with marker on the back?


Ugh. Tired of modern art that a 2 year old could do.


Sotheby’s inspect the hell out of everything they auction. There’s no way they wouldn’t have known.


Then don’t view it or buy it. Why do you feel the need to crap on the tastes of others?


Banksy’s pièce de résistance.

(I remember reading that there was a period when the term was used for self-destructing artworks, but I can’t find anything now.)


His work is not really paintings. His work it has objects but is not objects.


Joke didn’t land by the looks of things. Just taking the piss out of the trope of “my two year old…” by making a comparison with something similar an actual two year old did. No actual crapping on the tastes of others intended.


Because I know people in the art world and they freely acknowledge the art market is a scam set up by dealers and auction houses.

Banksy isn’t keen on people making tons of money off his work. The shredded painting didn’t belong to him; others were going to reap huge profits off his work.




*totally aware I copied-and-pasted this memetic response.
I’m so meta.


Ah… I see. Sorry for the confusion.


I dunno…maybe this is just Banksy saying “enough bullshit”; it must be so very galling to have his street art removed and then sold by rich types, to rich types, for no good end.


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