Barf bags ad nauseam at Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum


I did a brief search, and couldn’t find the strangest air sickness bad I’d ever come across.

In the early 90s I did a lot of business travel, sometimes via commuter flights. In the seat-back pocket of one little turbo prop I found a really unusual bag.

It was contained in a little blue paper envelope, on which was a cute little cartoon. It showed, as best I can recall, on the left side a little chubby rendition of Mercury, messenger of the gods. He had a worried look on his face and was carrying an empty airsick back.

On the right side of the envelope front, the same character, with a happy satisfied smile, carrying a FULL puke-bag.

The bag itself was a transparent plastic bag with a draw string at the mouth.

I wish I had taken it!

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These comic barf bags are funny, for some reason as a kid I could never not-take the free airsick bags and magazines, my parents drew the line at examining the life vests and cleaning out the free stuff(soaps, tampons, maxi pads, etc) in the airliner bathroom.
But the actual best barf bags of all ever made were these zip-tie closure ones sold in ambulance supply catalogs, there was a cuff to protect the EMT’s hand and a red plastic hook to hang it on a doorknob? Unfortunately AFAIK they stopped selling them(or our supplier did) around the late 90s, maybe the early 2000s, foolproof barf containment. Wish I knew where to get them now for air-sick passengers.

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