Bathroom fixtures made from chocolate


“…$133,000 fixture collection will last for six months at room temperature or until eaten.”

Bathtub? Maybe could eat. Sink? Maybe. But toilet and bidet? After six months? Are you KIDDING me?


That’s a rendering; and a somewhat clumsy one at that. There is no product.

To some it might not be 100% clear from the quote that the joke site is based on typo searches for bathroom sweets instead of bathroom suites.

The joke is cute, if a little gross when you add the toilet into the mix. If you had so much as mere chocolate toilet seat - all the chocolate that would melt to your legs and ass :-0


Only if your body temperature is above 75F.

The fact that it’s a play on a google search for “sweets” reminds me of what you call a set of furniture in the south. Sofa, chair, loveseat, etc. purchased as a set is called suit - and pronounced like the clothing.

Here’s just one example (from MS):

That’s some sweet ass-chocolate!

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So… do they also make a chocolate guillotine?

Maybe that’s a joke based on searches for “Hershey highway.”

Oooh, I wish I could afford Belgian. How much for the Cadbury suite?

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Hmm…I wonder what the traffic reports sound like in Pennsylvania when the traffic is backed on the freeway up near Hershey?

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