Battleship - awful game with sexist illustration




Can we use video games to prove you wrong, or would that be cheating?

#3 Just follow that link to get this entire discussion board summarized right now before any posts are added.


And not even a nod to brunching shuttlecocks?



Um… I tend to think that the conversations here are a bit more coherent, actually.


Don’t marginalize my curves, man.


I am not going to lie, I think the generator would have been closer to the mark if they used a markov chain on some input text. But that’s as far as I am willing to go.


I think you’re showing some brogramming privilege right there…


When my teachers told me knowledge is power I didn’t realize I’d be oppressing people by learning. Now that I know the truth, I like to recite quotes from Conan the barbarian.


Watch out, or I’ll have to deploy some Foucault… he was the humanities answer to all that hard math stuff! Besides… he’d say knowledge IS power!!!


o i did not know that existed awesome



A gender studies class would have a field day with that image… it’s so packed full of… stuff.

Also, I love Grace Jones so very much… so very, very much. What a wonderful woman!


I recall the one we had from the 70’s had a boy and a girl playing on the cover. She had just sunk his battleship at G-6.


All things aside, I remember Battleship being a pretty fun game as a kid. I remember getting, and marveling at the electronic version too. It seemed so cutting edge at the time…


If you can’t have a field day with that image, you are doing something horribly wrong in life.


pfffft. girls don’t play games*.

* said in a small voice of bitterness because my sister ALWAYS KICKED MY ASS AT MONOPOLY.

Now, why does * show up as an asterisk in the preview panel, but NOT in the actual comment?

AAARGH! Why does is SOMETIMES not show up as…

UPDATE: using * as alternate to *

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Agreed. Anything with Grace Jones = good times.

It’s been ages since I’ve seen those movies… I wonder if they are on Netflix?


Yeah, it’s a sexist cover, but I loved that game and owned any boy who was foolish enough to take me on…


don’t be too threatened – if he was serious, he would have referred to n-gram analysis and regeneration. markov chains is for teh newbs.

Or so I was schooled last year. SO embarassed. I took my code and sneaked off the playground first time nobody was looking.


Well that’s just it. They don’t fuck around playing, they’re too busy winning.

Anytime I hear about how women don’t have a competitive killer edge I know for certain the speaker did not have a sister they ever played cards with.