BBC documentary about computer programmers


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For now, googling for the video (which is broken) results only in hits to BoingBoing :thinking:
Source please.


Can’t see the video, but surely, it is supposed to be parodying David Attenborough? He is the nature documentary guy. Richard (his brother) was an actor probably most famous for his role as the CEO of Jurassic Park.


@beschizza the embed is b0rk3d.


To me he will always be Sidney DeVere Cox.


SOURCE: (The embed inside the post has an extra character at the end of the code)


Please God not the sausage party it promises to be.


Those developers look way too healthy


It’s OK. The project lead was a woman and that totally makes up for it. [/sarcasm]


Fixed the embed, yer welcome


And now I have to wait till I am done with work for the day. :slightly_frowning_face:


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the lurk-alike is an imposter taking a speech impediment to the level ground


“Heh this’ll be cute I’ll just queue it up for later-”



(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


That is some seriously shitty project management. Who puts their whole team on a single bug by putting a sticky on the wall? Inefficient.

One wonders if our interpretation of group behavior of animals in the wild is just as flawed…


It’s part of an ad for a (Norwegian, IIRC) company, and the tagline is something to the effect of “our competitors are this silly but we’re better”.


A Lancashire David Attenborough perhaps, but not the David Attenborough.


What about Pinkie Brown?



Honestly, the “look” of the developers is one of the most accurate part of the video.