Bbs = BS; Quality of discussion plummets

Great point, we will add the proper link.

It’s intriguing how BB’ers are responding to user posts.

I’ve just read one on racism that I had imagined would cause a stir. Didn’t - hardly any views, I’m the first responder. Yet the “Grandpa’s ghost books” post garnered tons of views and response (I loved the post btw!)

Are BB’ers resting in nostalgia?

Also, I read one post, maybe a response to something (can’t spot it) with c. 75 clicks on the link inserted, but one like. That means either a lot of visitors are popping through, or BB’ers aren’t recognising eachother.

Then again, I’ve seen some extremely funny and interesting posts / responses get high likes - maybe the bar has simply gone up!

There is something a little off-putting about the heart. I wince and click it anyway. More adjusting. Did not realize how un-flexible I am or have become.


I know. But I love you anyway.


I’m really finding it irritation to try and follow threads on the new system, too. I can read direct replies under a post by uncollapsing them (but then I have to scroll past them again later, which means I’m double-reading every other later post in a topic - annoying) but I can’t really follow replies to replies.

That’s my major peeve with the new system. I miss follow-able conversations. :frowning:


Apparently, the problem is you; you just don’t get it: It looks like a threaded view, but it ain’t


Just saw that thread. Ignoring all perceived tonal issues, I found that thread disheartening. I use Twitter and I can follow the discussions to the extent that I need to, but I’ve always liked following more in-depth threads on Boing Boing and Twitter isn’t designed for that type of back-and-forth. And neither is BB anymore, I guess?

Still gonna try though but I’m finding the reading-the-same-thing-twice thing so irritating that I’m generally not clicking the reply links on a post, preferring to wait until I come across the replies naturally later on in the post, even though it’s not at all clear what they’re replying to when I come across them down there.


Yes. Tis a shame, cos as other people mentioned, I found the most interesting things in the comments. I feel BB dropping off my radar a bit.

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Click on the “in reply to” button to get the needed context.

That helps! Thanks!

It only works on one “level”, so it still makes it difficult to follow “threads” - but it does help for replies that are just one “level” deep.

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Just found myself coming directly to the forums skipping BB out completely… that is probably not what they had it mind…


I believe @sam is working on addressing that issue:


Wow. I guess I need to check the BBS for non-BoingBoing discussions more often. I missed seeing this and now it probably won’t get read. But I like to here myself type, so hear it goes.

I don’t mind the new system. I find it harder to follow a conversation of two or more people going back and forth - but it is still possible. I do think they do a disservice to themselves not having the comments show up below the article. It used to be I would skim any of the comments of an article, as one might be something I want to reply to. Now if the topic doesn’t directly prompt me to reply, I usually don’t bother checking the comments. I believe that may be one reason for the apparent decrease in over all posts.

I have to say I am surprised that Antinous left with out a note. Love 'im or hate 'im, he was definitely a big part of how the comments section was run and how it flowed.

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You just need to ditch BB and start at BBS instead. It’s a bit bass-ackward, but there you go.

After a while it almost feels like BB again. Almost.


Seems like the whole point of the BBS is to deliberately isolate commentary from posts and as a result any criticism of the BB staff becomes less visible.


This is a deliberate decision by the team, I am having trouble finding the source but the gist is that we tried an automatic algorithm but the editors were unhappy. BB staff need to “like” comments for them to appear in the main BB article.

Any criticism, even fairly worded, was removed anyway.

He wasn’t the most impartial of mods, and I disagreed with him here and there, but I miss him anyway.

I hope he starts posting again.


Yeah, but how many posts did they have on the older system? How many did I have? Looks like hardly any, right? But I’ve been around here for years.