Beach copulator sentenced to 2.5 years

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So he deserved to spend more time in prison because he’s already spent time in prison?


Welcome to stupid proprietorial discretion USA.


Well he must be a habitual offender, because running cocaine is exactly like getting laid. If this man was on the loose, who knows what crimes he is capable of? All of them, it seems.


IF you’ve been in prison for 8 years and get the chance to have sex on the beach, you are going to have sex on the beach.


Just hit him with a stiff fine. But seriously folks, WTF, if consensual sex on a beach lands someone 2.5 years, what do you do for murder? Absurd.


“What you in for, man?”
“Having sex on a beach with a 21 year old.”
“Duuuude - high five!”


In Florida? Execute them.

I’m not entirely unsympathetic to people who don’t want their kids seeing people screwing on the beach, but proportionality is important. I’d rather my kids saw two people having sex then two people having a violent fist fight.


Yeah. I have a five year old and a three year old. I don’t want them to see people screwing on the beach. However, I think a $10,000 fine would suffice. Seriously. It’s just sex.


Dropped by to see how far the eighth-grade humor had developed. Unfortunately we have apparently been distracted by the shiny baubles of adult topics like crime and punishment, the broken judicial system, disproportionality, and whatnot.

We can do better, people. I’ll get things kicked off:

Twenty-five minutes? Dude should get a medal, not jail time.

Feel free to kick in some juvenile humor, or stick to the shiny baubles. They both have a place.


What about the videographers?

There isn’t a penalty, for producing pornography, without a permit?


As a parent, I think that hiding sex from kids is absurd. It’s part of life, and it’s educational. Just like witnessing anything else, there are potential examples of ways to do things, good, bad, and indifferent. I would penalize the state for imposing to “protect” my family from real life.


And they definitely shouldnt be on the sex offender registry. That’s a life sentence.

Seriously wtf is wrong with people going to the law for something like this. Why not just yell at them to knock it off?


Make it $100, that’d be roughly proportional.

It’s not so far ago that most kids grew up in rural areas and were familiar with the mechanics of sex since pretty early age from observing the animals. And nothing horrible happened to them.


The sex offender registry, particularly the American application of it, boggles my mind. I can buy it for unrepentant predators and rapists–although I question its efficacy and still have ethical issues with people being punished twice for one crime–but it makes no sense for people urinating in an alley or getting caught having consensual sex outside.


The only way it makes any sense in this case is if there were any indication that they were getting off by doing it in front of a child on purpose, and thus might think they would do it again, but that wasn’t the charge so I assume that’s not the case. Plus, yes, that whole indefinite punishment after serving one’s punishment is definitely a problem. Which will probably never be solved because no one wants to stick up for sex offenders.


I’m all for lots of prison reforms - decriminalizing most drugs, getting rid of private prisons, many such things - and even if (as I do here) think 2.5 years is excessive, I do not see anything unjust (or even bad policy) of enhancing someone’s sentence because they’ve already spent time in the big house.

I think bystanders should be privileged to toss cold water on them without any fear of a battery charge, however.


Go pound sand, Mr. Beach Copulator!


What if he’d been masturbating? That’s natural too. And almost everyone does it. So what if it had been a big, fat, sweaty Conservative choking his chicken on a public beach? Would all of you be just as okay with that? My God. Where does this stuff end? He and the young woman in question were disregarding some pretty huge societal mores, rules of decorum, however you want to put it, with their beach balling. And not just for a moment or two, which would have been bad enough, but for 25 minutes. In the middle of the night wouldn’t have been nearly as big a deal, because it would imply that they at least had a degree of modesty and regard for the ability of others to peacefully enjoy a public beach. But they chose to do it in broad daylight. Proportionality? A repeat offender fucking a girl roughly half his age on a public beach in broad daylight with people around? I’d call that Darwin Award material.

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