Beaker: a decentralized, peer-to-peer web browser that lets you create and fork websites


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This will never work. How would Comcast control what sites you access? It would be chaos!


So how does this compare to existing systems like Zeronet and the much older Freenet, which are distributed p2p website systems?

uses markdown
document versioning

Oh. So it’s a distributed Git system, then?


What does “forking” mean? Other than what I’m doing to my lasagna right now, that is.


Forking is taking the original data, copying it and creating a new instance that is controlled by you, the forker. This allows you to add new features, make edits, etc - all without affecting the original. It is a new piece of software.

The various alternative versions of Firefox, like Icefox, are examples of this. They use a common base, but have their own developers and features.


it has a range of interesting definitions.


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