Beauty After Breast Cancer: kickstarting a photography book on our bodies, in treatment and beyond



This is a very worthy project!

Thank you for blogging it :smile:

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For a long time I’ve loved Robert Hass’s short-short story (or prose poem) A Story About The Body. Even though it’s got a negative tone and a male perspective it still gives us, in a little more than two-hundred words, a woman who refuses to be cowed. And she is beautiful because of it.

And having been through treatment for cancer myself recently I know how important support is. I don’t, and never will, know how hard it is for women, even though I’ve had friends whose lives have been transformed by it. But I do know how much positive support means. I know how much it means to have others share their experiences of going through it.


Excellent project! I thought of putting together something very like this myself a couple years ago, but felt I wouldn’t be the right person to do it. But I’m glad it’s being done! I feel it bears a very important message indeed.


My daughter and her beutiful friend both sent me this link. I’m sitting by my pool reading, listening and feeling the tears on my face. Three years after my radical mastectomy and reconstruction I still feel raw and broken-and then I feel angry at myself for not “getting over it”. Those months and days before my surgery are and were a blur. I wished I had had a book like this to help me stop and contemplate. It will be beautiful and is much needed. Thank you

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I will once again put here for general info:

If you don’t know any way to help someone going through cancer treatment (or other incapacitating event in their lives) and you think they might be too proud or overwhelmed to ask for help directly, whenever you are in a store, call/text them and tell them “I’m here at Target…anything you need?”

Simple, effective, and helpful.


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