Become a certified Excel expert with this online master class

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And then what happens? With a certificate am I going to be offered great jobs?

Once you become a certified LinkdIn expert, you can add it to your profile. And then when you get certified in Gmail, you can send emails to all the companies and get all of the jobs.

Me, I’m working on becoming a certified Reddit expert.

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Wow! 95% off the price I’m sure real people actually paid! :open_mouth:

What jobs in Excel (not gmail). I don’t see any jobs demanding an expertise in Excel.

The experts in Wordperfect and Visicalc shed a tear with you.

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Become an excel expert in one easy lesson:

When using a lookup function (vlookup, hlookup), pay attention to the range_lookup parameter. If you don’t provide a parameter, it defaults to approximate match, which assumes that your list is sorted, and produces horrible results if it’s not sorted

There you go. You’re now an excel expert. I’m not even totally kidding - that represents at least half of the non-obvious bugs I’ve ever had to deal with in Excel

Perhaps we could add “WordPerfect” to the list, and Supercalc … that would be a deal; get all 3 in 1 easy go. And then sit back and watch the offers roll in.

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