Become a social media master with this course and certification -- at over 90% off


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This is being for comedic-value, right?

Eventually, @beschizza is going to own-up to authoring the generator?

The chance to begin again, in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!


Sounds exhausting! :sweat:


They don’t happen to have a course on glow stick umbrellas, do they? Seems like that might be more useful. And as for the course on becoming a social media master?


I guess this could help out all those laid-off Foxconn workers. When they show up to their next interview with a “Social Media Master” certification I’m sure that th… Wait, WTF are you trying to sell us here?


It also comes with a free lifetime vpn, a $9 million dollar value.


Who needs that man. I’ve got telnet, and a “Social Media Master” certificate.



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