Become an Excel mastermind with this 70 hour bootcamp


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70 hour Excel boot camp. Just think about that for a while.
70. Hour. Excel. Boot camp.


That was my reaction.

70? Hours? Of what?


It sounds about as fun as a “conversion therapy” bootcamp.


I bought two.


Just mentioning, the promo code doesn’t seem to be working


Excel, that’s what.


Surely there isn’t 70 hours worth of learning in Excel? 70c per hour is good value though. I’d hope to be an Excel expert by the end of this course!


I’d hope all of that time is spent learning to do art like Tatsuo Horiuchi.

But I suspect it’s not.


more like InCel bootcamp


well, to be fair, 10 hours is repeatedly training you to convert *.csv files to *.txt files before importing so that it triggers the import wizard so you can stop excel from “helping” you turn floats into phone numbers, hyphenated codes into dates and stripping off all your leading zeroes… the last ten hours is a Python/Pandas walkthrough, ya know, just in case…


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