Behold, a massive gallery of 253 wacky doodle GIFs


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Classic Kyle.


Ha, xeni saved the best for last!


That was needed today. Thanks @xeni!


TAG YOUR GIFS!!! /@OtherMichael


I wandered across this 2 hours later than I should have. Seconded. Thanks @xeni!


Awesomely awesome.


that last one was freaking awesome.


Are they all mp4?


These are great but I really want to know the story behind the lady crushing watermelons with her thighs.

Is that a Rule 34 thing?

Edit: quick search confirms that yep, it’s pretty much Rule 34


It used be an old strongman thing too.


Is a wacky doodle the same thing as a hibby jobby?


Enjoy Source™


Super chill cnidarian is prolly my fave!


I like this little guy. I know these feels.


Maybe I have a dirty mind, but this one looks downright pervy:


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