Being physically unable to commit a crime is no defense against a system that has been fine tuned for prosecution

I wonder why you think workhouses aren’t real. Prison labor is a huge profit center in the US.


I believe it involved a ricochet off of a metal object on a nearby grassy knoll.

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I completely believe you - but would adore (in a strange way) a link to Texan destruction of evidence in plea deals!


This is a problem with the legal system to be sure but it’s also the kind of thing in to which all bureaucracy eventually will decay.

The real problem is the press. The press has such freedoms and protections not because we want to know who is sleeping with whom in Hollywood, but to expose the flaws in the system and bring to light injustices. Instead of actually reporting on the nation and the world, we get hour after hour of political theater with no substance or value.


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