Beloved local restauranteur can't sell coffee or tea because Starbucks strongarmed the landlord


Isn’t the landlord in breach of contract to the prior tenant? Doesn’t their lease permit them to do business there? If they’re “beloved,” they must know a lawyer or two, and Starbucks has deeeeep pockets.


One must think this has to be illegal under some “restraint of trade” law somewhere, state or Federal.

It certainly is beyond ridiculous and it is clear the property owner is either a greedy sob or clueless or both…


I don’t drink coffee so much as I drink milk and sugar with coffee flavor. Which is actually something Starbucks does fairly well.

The tea, though. Honestly, how do you fuck up hot water + teabag so badly?


It looks like Starbucks is the prior tennant. The headline of the linked article is: “‘Arepa Lady’ Moves to New Space but Starbucks Blocks it From Selling Coffee”


If I were contemplating a retail move, I would make jolly sure that the building to which I moved allowed for any facets of my primary business. DH repairs computers; I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t move into a building where Geek Squad had the right of refusal for his shop.


I agree, and if you look in the linked article, I think the whole thing is a bit overblown. All indications are that they understood the restrictions and decided this was still the best option.


Welcome to CoryTown.

This is a dog-bites-man story, but because Starbucks is involved we’re supposed to be outraged or something. Yawn.

Seems kinda important that this was left out of the OP. In that case, I fail to see how this BB post doesn’t contribute to The Great Endumbening.


Wait, so… how is this a story?



That or advertise shots of bailey’s and the like to add to a Starbucks coffee.

That kind of gag travels by word of mouth fast and could work out better for them in the long run.


I’ve actually seen such lists. Try googling it and see how comprehensive they are.


I wonder if the clause prohibits them from giving away free coffee to customers who buy something that isn’t coffee (as others have suggested). For example, pay $2 for a picture of an espresso, get a free espresso as a thank-you gift.


Starbucks makes lousy coffee, to be frank.


Wikivoyage usually lists a few in each city, but it’s not updated super reguarly and sometimes you show up and the wifi’s down :frowning:


For me, it does not dumb down anything, but it does contribute to the ‘credibility’ of news being fake. (YMMV)


Ms. Cano should write Starbucks directly and ask for help. They are big into corporate responsibility and it wouldn’t surprise me if they make an exception for a refugee from Columbia. Not so much for a Peete’s, which is what that kind of clause is for.


… not really.


Umm, Restraint of trade?


Does starbucks store any tea or coffee in wooden ships docking in American harbors? Asking for a friend.