Cappuccinos off Starbucks' menu in some locations


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Starbucks only puts two shots of espresso in their cappuccino no matter the size. Their cappuccinos are terrible.


I heard it was because the capuchin monkeys filed suit, not sure if that’s true.


This is yet another reason to be sorry the little local coffee shop that makes a great cappuccino a block away from my office is being shut down. The really sad thing is it’s not being shut down because of Starbucks–which is also just a block away in a different direction. They’ve been able to compete. The problem is the property owners want to demolish it and build luxury apartments.


I heard it was because the capuchin monks filed suit.


The rare case when these warring tribes of monks vs monkeys united against their common enemy.


They’re not the same?


You’re right; it’s not the number of shots but the ratio of milk that really makes the difference, so the bigger you get your cappuccino, the worse it tastes. The shape of the cup makes a difference too; the taller the cup the harder it is to get a sip of the espresso because of all the foam at the top, and the taller cups make the foam drier and not as tasty. If one absolutely must order a cappuccino from Starbucks, the only way to get something decent IMO is to ask for a double capp in a “tall” cup. Don’t make the mistake of getting a regular “tall cappuccino” because they actually only put one shot in those.


Wow. It’s only confusing if you’re doing it wrong. I wonder if the type of barista who is so easily confused about such basic differences is also the type who is weird about how I don’t want a bunch of flavors and syrups in my coffee, or doesn’t understand why someone would want espresso with nothing else in it. Maybe it’s just my podunk midwest location.


Having spent considerable time in Sydney, Melbourne, and Wellington drinking real Flat Whites, I was initially pleased when the drink started making its way over here. I’ve had some halfway decent ones at small coffee shops, but Starbucks version is a cruel joke. I’ve tried it in two different locations and it was undrinkable in both cases.

When I have to go to a starbucks now (business people seem to love meeting there for “pre-meetings”) I either order tea or a small drip coffee. Both are about as good as you would get in a deli in NYC, just 3-4x the price.


I suspect it’s the customers - they order a capuccino, and are disappointed to receive the capuccino they ordered, not the latte they wanted.


You’re probably right.
I’ve found ordering a cappuccino is the only way to get anything resembling microfoam from charbucks. Lattes are entirely devoid of any bubbles, the milk having been steamed to within half a kelvin of being plasma.


You’re probably right.

“I know I ordered a vanilla milkshake, but it’s so plain. What I really wanted was something more like a salted carmel mocha banana milkshake with cinnamon and extra whipped cream, so I’m totally disappointed in you. Let me speak to your manager.”

  • An Asshole Customer

I’m really glad I don’t wait tables anymore, because that’s only somewhat exaggerated from my experience as a server.


That’s funny @dragonfrog :slight_smile:


Maybe the cappuccino is going to become the McRib of Starbucks.


Even though small/short is not on the menu you can get that and on the times I have had to resort to starbucks getting a double short cappuccino it has been decent. I will go with tall ones basically becoming lattes with foam from the size of the cup. Too bad I can’t get them to make a cubano.


The short is a good secret to know.

I can’t have milk and alternatives are not pleasant there, so I used to go for brewed coffee, unfortunately boiling hot, which I’d get through half of before deciding I’m not doing that again.

But a double short Americano with room is actually pretty good and not boiling hot. I’ve had some claim it comes with two shots already but that’s not what their website claims.


Things in NYC tend to be expensive, yes.


My guess is that too many people have complained that their drink is half empty, and Starbucks have decided making it request only stops stupid people ordering it…


Its the capuccino they deserve.