Cappuccinos off Starbucks' menu in some locations

A decent cappuccino calls for microfoam which is beyond the abilities of most Starbucks baristas button-pushers.


The differences between a cappuccino and a flat white are very subtle. If customers are enjoying their flat whites, why not just make cappuccinos that way?

You misunderstood me - tea or coffee in a NY deli is $1. Crappy coffee in Starbucks in Suburbville, TX is $4

I for one welcome our new New Zealand overlords…

Not only does Starbucks charge more for a flat white than for a 2-shot latte, unless my local Starbucks just didn’t understand how to make one yet the time I tried to order it, they made it “tall” - that’s 12 oz. Even short is 8 oz. A flat white is 5.5 oz, so they were putting in twice as much foam per shot of coffee as a flat white is supposed to have. Snarl.

In some (I’ve seen 2) UK Starbucks -and I’m not sure if they are franchises or not - Short is on the menu, as is Tall and Grande. Venti has been removed.

Unfortunately the prices of the Short, Tall and Grande are equal to the prices of a Tall, Grande and Venti everywhere else.

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