Berkeley landlords throw a cocktail party to celebrate the return of evictions

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They are asking for some cocktails…

… from a very hot and fiery kind…

If you know what I mean


More easily spelled as “Assholes.”


For all the reputation the city has as “The People’s Republic of Berkeley”, it’s still largely owned by a bunch of greedpig NIMBYs who just coast on long-expired '60s counterculture cred. This is the Californian Ideology in practise.


This “party” is exceptionally gross and the members of that organization should vote out every single person who authorized it.

That said, people acting like eviction moratoriums weren’t abused by some people are flat out intentionally lying.


No-one here is claiming that abuse didn’t happen here and there. The problem was nowhere near as widespread as right-wingers and landlords were claiming it was, though.


It’s literally in the post

Others disagree. Leah Simon-Weisberg, chair of Berkeley’s Rent Stabilization Board, denies the charge that many tenants could have paid rent and chose not to, calling it “nonsense” and saying BPOA has not provided any evidence of fraud when it came to the eviction moratorium.


OH NOES! Some landlord did not get to throw vulnerable people out in the middle of a pandemic!!! What a crime against humanity!!! /s

And even if it did, is that really worse that throwing people onto the streets during a pandemic (or really, anytime)? REALLY? JFC, I’m so sick of people pretending like those with stability and even wealth and some measure of power in our society are the “real victims” here…


Certainly in Ireland they were abused by quite a few landlords.

Worth noting the landlords association here never even bothered lobbying the housing minister. They lobbied hard on the finance and prime ministers bypassing informed housing policy altogether. It was a predictable disaster when the ban lapsed and now we have record numbers of homeless, and of homeless children.


“Bitch better have my money,” is now used by respectable business-people.


No, it’s literally not. Re-read your excerpt against the claim you made. She denies the association’s claim that many (not all) tenants abused the programme.

Also, she is not as far as I know a BB Author or commenter.


a claim of “there’s no lawsuits proving this” when the lawsuits literally could not be filed is a masterstroke of technically correct

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So you believe that many tenants chose to not pay rent when they could?


I think that a small minority of people absolutely abused the system. There is clear evidence of that. I also personally witnessed it across my street! (note: anecdotal data is bad data).

I think more people did it than “the left” admits and far fewer people did it than “the right” thinks.

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Clearly, no one should ever get any leeway ever, since a “small minority” did wrong…


Seeing people’s thoughts on issues evolve, even in just a few posts, is nice. I never thought the BBS was so impactful.


You said (quoting you exactly):

I replied to that statement that no-one here is doing so: not the BB Author, not anyone commenting here, not the person quoted in the article (even though she’s not here). You might have backpedaled and said “not here but elsewhere” and I would have left it at that (because of course abuse happened – I have an anecdote of my own). But nope, you went ahead full-bore and threw in a gratuitous insult.

The word “lawsuit” is not mentioned once in the SFGate article, certainly not by the person looking for evidence that there’s a widespread problem as these Berkeley landlords claim.

I think you might not understand what the word “literally” means.



No, this is more “people leap to conclusions based on limited data”. My thoughts on this issue haven’t evolved over the past hour, everybody just made assumptions about what i thought.

of course we needed an eviction moratorium during a literal pandemic!

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Well, I learned a new word, so there’s that.

But please react to what people actually say here or, if you want to comment on what others are saying elsewhere, make that clear and point to where you’re seeing that. We can’t answer to what somebody else is saying somewhere else.