Berlin Senate approves five-year, citywide rent freeze

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and there is this; a movement calling for a public referendum to expropriate (for a compensation) the biggest privat “wohnungsbaugesellschaften” with more than 3000 units, like the “deutsche wohnen” which holds more than 100.000 flats in berlin (a stock corporation, which is notorious for making profit with “modernising” their houses on the back of their current tenants). the first stage is done with 70.000 signings, next one will need 120.000 and it looks pretty good so far.

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Wont someone think of the landlords!?



This will do wonders to both supply and demand!

Sadly, construction of public housing isn’t an option right now; Berlin needs every cent to finish the new airport.


How utterly ridiculous. Yes, people have a right to a home. No, people do not have a right to demand a home be in a specific place at a price they find affordable.

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Your lack of solidarity and comprehension is duly noted. Now, please sign here to agree to have your job moved to Berlin, to pay at least 2/3rds of your income, and to pay two months worth rent to a real estate agent. Oh, and please provide a full background check on all your financial assets and activities, a written statement by your family and in-laws to the 2nd degree they would cover for your rent in case of financial shortcomings, a copy of your contract with your employer, and your criminal record.

Also, please sign here to pay 2ct/minute for the screen estate your comment takes up, and to agree to a future adaption of this rate according to the popularity of your comment.


People have a right to demand anything they want. It’s whether or not they should get it that’s in contention.

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As a resident of Munich, the most expensive city in Germany, I will be watching this experiment with interest. Many on the Munich city council are also watching as well.

Munich is already in full-scale war with all and sundry who try to earn a quick euro via AirBNB or similar services, against Medizintourismus and letting houses stay empty. Which isn’t helping much, since Munich has always had the problem of housing being outstripped by demand, with gentrification actually reducing the number of available apartments as they get combined and converted into luxury condominiums, and so on.

It will also be interesting to see how much rural regions profit, as they have been pushing their low rent and real estate prices as an incentive: commuting being cheaper than living near work, especially if you can telecommute.


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