Bernie Sanders support soars among actual voters, if not Democratic Party power-brokers


AND who was a Registered Republican and and active member of the Republican Party and the Young Republicans, worked as an intern for Gerald Ford when he was the Republican leader of the House, and she supported Nelson Rockefeller when he was trying to get the GOP nomination. She didn’t switch parties until she met Bill Clinton.

Her voting record is straight across almost identical to Jeb Bush for a reason, they both have the same ideologies. They also have the same backers financially.

She is NOT the change we are looking for.


Well, in all fairness, much as I trust her about as far as I could throw her, she’s been a Democrat since 1968, and switched to support Eugene McCarthy. And Rockefeller was pretty moderate for a Republican, even then (there is that working for Barry Goldwater thing, though).

I think she’s just very centrist and corporatist. Won’t rock the boat. Focus grouped to death, does what’s politically expedient. Not a conviction politician.


yeah, I’m sure she would do some good on womens issues and a few of the other issues she is big on.

i don’t think she is all bad, we just really really need to change this broken system. she isn’t going to change things or shake things up as much as I’d like. she is more of the same. #betterthantrump


The left hasn’t been represented at all in most elections, so they are stuck voting “least worst” or sitting it out.


There’s hardly a precedent to go by, is there?



Are you sure that bar can’t go just a little bit lower? :smile:


That’s an interesting thought I hadn’t thunk of before! Thanks, @Woodchuck45!


I generally find change when I look under the cushions on my couch. :wink:


Lower? Cruz.

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