Bernie Sanders can only win if nonvoters turn out at the polls, and they almost never do

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And a number of the upcoming primaries are closed primaries, meaning you must already be registered as a Democrat in order to vote in them. The independent and cross-over voters that have been important to Sanders, won’t be able to participate.

Plus, his recent lying about Clinton saying he’s not qualified, is not going over well. Clinton never said it. Sanders was basing his statement on a newspaper headline, without bothering to read the article.

Also, still waiting for Sanders’ taxes…

What a useful template! Democratic socialists are realigning political coalitions at every level of representative office.

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Why? What do you expect to see?


I expect t see his taxes. Showing your taxes is smart. It puts any speculation to rest. Not showing them is stupid. Right now, he’s being stupid about it.

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I love Bernie’s background, his ideals, and his unabashed Socialism, and having a candidate sticking to the issues and refusing to play dirty politics was immensely refreshing.

Now Bernie’s sending flat-out misstatements to his supporters and then declaring that Hillary is “not qualified to be President” because she takes money from SuperPACs. I don’t think that’s going to work very well for him. I’ve lost interest in his campaign.


Could care less - I’ve never looked at a tax form from another human and I never plan to. I’ve also never made a determination for who I’d vote for based on tax forms.

It is the most unimportant thing about someone who is running.


I think Clinton is getting frustrated that she hasn’t won yet and ramping up the rhetoric, and he’s responding in kind. I don’t think it’s very good for either of them.


I found the article puzzling. Virtually all the polls, from the beginning of the campaign season, have shown Sanders winning by wider margins than Clinton in a general election. It’s not some population of a mysterious “silent minority” of leftists that’s been generating those numbers. There’s no left-wing “long shot” needed for a Sanders win.


He’s campaigned on the idea that taking money from Wall Street is bad. The idea that it makes you not qualified to be president is the core point of his campaign. Saying it differently doesn’t change what his entire premise has been.


Glad to hear that you could, in fact, care less. You didn’t find it a bit suspicious that Mitt Romney only released about half the number of years that most presidential candidates do, and that he refused to release the rest?


I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said ‘misstatements’. I should have said that Bernie lied to his supporters and misled them in an insulting way.

It’s going to get ugly. Politics inevitably turns into a contact sport. There’s too much at stake for it not to.


No - I didn’t like about 53% of Mitt Romney based purely on the crap that came out of his mouth. I could go on and on about actual issues I disagreed with him on (and even a few I agreed with) but taxes were not a factor and frankly never have been.

I honestly don’t know a single person ever that has looked at a candidates tax forms even in the era of the internet. I hear people parrot that line about people they don’t like. However once they are released or I’ve never known anyone to actually bother looking. It’s always, in my experience, just an easy thing to complain about when there isn’t anything else you can find.


Interferometric banana complacence!


Well, as long as you don’t know of any, they must not exist. After all, the major news papers don’t possibly have people who will go over a candidate’s taxes with a fine toothed comb, looking for a scoop.


Still haven’t seen a lie. I’ve already voted - my state is over, so it’s pretty easy to be objective about the entire thing. Careful with the mud slinging because a guy that has a track record of saying and voting for the same things over 4 decades has a pretty big leg up on Clinton who is a two face when it comes to what she has said and what she has voted for. And this is from someone who thought her Bengazi performance was the most presidential thing that I’ve seen from any candidate.

The fact that she could sit in front of a hostile congress and handle them like she was driving the short bus for the kids is something her campaign should be focusing on.


If a candidate’s rich as Croesus looking at tax forms has become part of the political theater. There’s nothing interesting to learn from Sanders’ tax forms, he’s not a billionaire riding into Washington, he’s not even a millionaire, so the “let’s see the tax forms” game’s a pointless gesture.


Yes and when have taxes ever made or tanked a candidate? That’s a serious question because I can’t remember it ever happening in my lifetime. Much ado over nothing.

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