Bernie Sanders wants Keith Ellison to run the DNC


I had the pleasure of voting for Ellison’s first two terms and I paid a fair amount of attention to him then. Now I’m in Bonamici’s district. I think he’s capable of doing what the head of the DNC needs to do most right now: find candidates to run everywhere. Take a 50 state, every county strategy to the field. Of course, Dean can do that too, but I want someone with a little less history. We need people who will walk willingly into elections they know they will lose in deeply red areas. I strongly feel that sends a message.

Bothering to field a candidate even in deeply red areas sends the message that we think left wing values are for everyone. The combination of not even fielding a candidate and calling people who vote right wing racist is condescending. We can field good people in places like South Carolina who will have important messages, and they won’t win, but there will be synergy between the top and bottom of the ticket.

To be clear, I think voting for Trump, regardless of the reasons the person said they voted that way, is racist. Tacit approval of racism by voting for a racist candidate because you care about his other positions more is racist. But we cannot abandon people at the lower level. Too many lower level races go unopposed. Plus, that is where you start developing the people who climb higher and higher on the ticket.


Look, I don’t know how Bernie would fund any of that, and it was a serious mark on his candidacy (his tax plan would not counterbalance his proposed expenditures) but we’re going to be broke from THE WALL anyway, so who cares?


I just tweeted my support, signed up (again) for Bernie’s list and signed up to give him 10 bucks a month.

I suggest everyone who voted for Clinton but wants revolutionary change do the same.

Dean can be assistant chair. His 50 state strategy was great but he can let a non white non Christian true progresive lead. I say this as someone who worked for healthcare reform since '92 and is against Medicare for all (because it isn’t affordable). If we can get a public option outta Trump it’s almost worth the shitstorm we face for at least the next two years.


Saying that 3rd party voters ruined Hillary’s chances is like saying Trump voters ruined Hillary’s chances. It’s Hillary’s election to lose, not the people who don’t think she should be president.

It may sound familiar, but at least this time we have proof that the primaries were rigged.

Some people wanted to maintain their purity intact, and in so doing handed the world over to Trump. Bernie made that possible. Fuck him.

Nah. Hillary made it possible, by getting in the way of what the people overwhelmingly wanted and conspiring with the DNC so she could have her face on the 10 dollar bill or some shit.

I’m With Fuck Her.


You need to get over this ridiculous belief that the DNC or RNC are objective and actually put work into putting our people in.

Otherwise you’re going to be perpetually surprised that you’re not represented in the establishment.


I’ve got a better rapper to run for the office:

Kanye doesn’t have the class credentials that we need.

Sorry Kanye!


The same red state dems who continually put up middle of the road, milquetoast candidates like Jim Barksdale? The Red state dems are even MORE in bed with the democratic elite than people like Sanders, in blue states, are.


The fact that the RNC jumped through hoops to keep Trump out, and that Hillary burned lots of favors to stay in seems to be proof of that.

I’m not surprised. The DNC and the RNC can look at this as a wakeup call. The bullshit they peddled remains on the shelf. Whether they heed it or not is on their heads. The people will shop elsewhere if not.



They’re getting everything they want. Trump can do the racist populist shit that gets them whatever they want passed by Pence, who’s on the misogynist bent.

While both of those keep the base happy, they’re getting every deregulationist dream enacted. EPA run by the oil industry, national parks being stripmined, all checks and balances under control.

What does the RNC have to be worried about? Long-term game is irrelevant if they can fuck the next twenty years up for the Dems.


“The People” who voted Trump and not at all won’t shop elsewhere. They don’t give a fuck because they believe all politicians are equally corrupt and don’t see any difference between Trump now and potential-evil-Hilldawg.

This fantasy that populists know what’s good for them (now or later) is incredibly dangerous.


Um, you do realize that up until about a mere 100 hours ago most pixels were being spilled over the soul searching the Republican Party would have to do to stay relevant, etc. This doesn’t change any just because Trump won. All the problems they had in the run-up to the election are still there, just temporarily papered over under the win. The splits will appear again as soon as governing actually starts. Unless things go super swimmingly well for everyone the next 4 years, the same problems will plague Republicans that plagued them in the primaries this time around.

I would be very surprised if there aren’t Republicans right now speculating on who they might run in 2020 as a contingency plan.


I realize that the GOP shifted effortlessly behind Trump and immediately ignored everything for the sake of unison. I also know the few that spoke out against him immediately got branded RINO.

I know evangelicals drive the GOP. Period.


Nuanced analysis


Lashing out and scapegoating aren’t going to be helpful in the short or long run.


Everything changes by that. What works works.



Meh. I still like Ellison.


And inaccurate. “His people” supported Clinton. The or-Busters are unaffiliated kooks.



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