The DNC picked a bunch of sleazy lobbyists as superdelegates, can't figure out why no one is donating

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Oh for Gawd’s sake Cory, keep your eye on the ball, TRUMP WON! AND THE RUSSIANS SABOTAGED OUR ELECTIONS!

Get with the system, bub – there’s no reason, never ever, to think about problems within the Democratic party.

/s, just in case



DNC [name something appalling], can’t figure out why nobody likes them

DNC says [name something tone deaf], can’t figure our why nobody votes for them.


Both parties suck and neither does very much to actually benefit the average citizen.

The system is broken…


Who could have predicted that Tom Perez would be another corporate shill in a party run by a string of corporate shills.

Other than everyone on Planet Earth who has reached the developmental stage of object permanence, I mean.


75 superdelegates out of of what? Four Thousand Seven Hundred something?

Oh no! If they vote together, they’ll swamp Iowa!

I think that if they vote together, it’s called a winning coalition given that among the at large representatives are

21 union representatives, an increase from recent years. Among them: Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers, Lily Eskelsen Garcia of the National Education Association, and Lee Saunders of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.


And this before we get to their sclerotic neoliberal-lite policies. You’d think they’d have gotten a clue since last November, but nope. As with Cory, they don’t get my money until they clean up their house and get rid of any vestige of Wasserman-Schultz’s rules, including the superdelegates (union reps have the wherewithal to become normal delegates from their home states). Until then my donations will go to Sanders’ candidates.


So, are there non-sleazy lobbyists? Is the act of lobbying not on some level inherently sleazy?


B-b-b-but this confounds my narrative! It’s almost like the Democratic party takes that whole “Big Tent” thing seriously!

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Is there really a place in the “big tent” for lobbyists representing CITGO oil and News Corp? I think the party can do without them. If they’re going to keep this superdelegate system, the least they could do is set some bloody standards on who gets to be one (e.g. no-one who works for a right-wing news outlet, an investment bank, the fossil fuel industry, big pharma, etc.).


2020 - This Time Hillary For Sure, because YOU demanded it. What? Yes you did, you little shits, do as you’re told.


Don’t tell my mother I’m a lobbyist. She thinks I am a piano player in a whorehouse.


What? The system works just the way the parties arranged it to work. (Okay, perhaps not quite: the GOP spent decades clearing the way for someone like Donald Trump, they just didn’t expect that person to actually be Donald Trump. Oops!)


Really - Perez’s DNC Executive Committee purge was more concerning. There’s only 65? Exec Committee Members nationwide. They were folks who ran for Perez’s position (Buckley), Ellison supports & Sanders supporters.

No white straight cisgender guy was harmed in this purge. Two lgbt folks purged (my friend Babs & Ray Buckley)

Those purged:

Ray Buckley, the New Hampshire Democratic chairman and longtime DNC official who ran against Perez for chair before backing Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., lost his spots on the Executive Committee and DNC Rules Committee;
James Zogby, the president of the Arab American Institute and prominent Sanders backer, is no longer co-chair of the Resolutions Committee and is off the Executive Committee, a sport he has held since 2001;
Alice Germond, the party’s longtime former secretary and a vocal Ellison backer, who was removed from her at-large appointment to the DNC; and
Barbra Casbar Siperstein, the first transgender member of the DNCwho supported Ellison and Buckley, was tossed from the Executive Committee."


Here is your “News Corp lobbyist”: an actual three-dimensional person that doesn’t really owe you an explanation or bonafides

Ms. Dowdell ran for the House of Reps (NH district 1) in 2012, and has dedicated a non-trivial chunk of her efforts to supporting the Democratic candidates of her state.


Kinda weird how the Arab American Institute somehow doesn’t count as a lobbying firm, right?

and, for your amusement, a profile of Ortiz…

sounds like he schmoozes with the best of em!


Money corrupts everything. The Democrats thought they could play the same big-money game as the GOP, and it has come back to bite them.

What both parties want is voters, and the DNC could get voters if they just represented a clear set of principles and stopped trying to outspend the GOP.


Yeah, like I said; BROKEN.

If a system only works for a tiny percentage of people who benefit from it, then it ain’t workin’.

Whether that’s an intentional feature of the design and ‘not a bug’ is irrelevant at this point.