Best Animal Throwdown

Continuing the discussion from Cognition, categories and oppression:

Having categorically proven that Gibbons are the best apes and the best monkeys, what are the other Best Animals? What animal is the Anklyosaur* of its particular taxonomical grouping? Or your argument why it should be Best Animal (viz. Goats), even if if clearly has the wrong number of legs and lives on the other side of the planet.

*Best Dinosaur. I know, because I confirmed with my friend’s seven year old. He’s my go-to guy for dinosaurs.

Case Closed: Ankylosaur is the best dinosaur, with the Pachycephalasaur coming in a close second.

The penguin is obviously the best animal. It’s so obvious I don’t need to provide reasons.

Falco peregrinus

Just sayin’ …

I’ll have to get back to you about second place when I’ve checked with m’Learned Colleague (you can trust us, we once made a robot out of some cardboard boxes and wire, which makes us Scientists)

Robins are pretty fuckin’ nails too. They stick around all winter toughing it out, and they’ll fight to the death for their territory. Vicious little buggers.

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Good luck in your further research on this important field of inquiry.

I’m certainly open to a dinosaur other than the Pachycephalosaurus coming in at #2, but it would appear the scientific consensus in the literature is very clear that the Ankylosaurus is the best dinosaur.

Best Animal Throwdown

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Oh, absolutely. I mean, just look at it.

Truly, the Ankylosaurus was an impregnable fortress of an animal. The ironclad of the Cretaceous.

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