Best site for figuring out what computer games are coming out

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Looking at the “PC games releasing this week” and it’s an (apparently) endless scroll. I seem unable to get to the bottom of the page*. I’m wondering how the list is compiled, and I’m guessing it’s all user submissions, which explains why it includes the indiest of indie games (and a few things that aren’t games, but are game adjacent). Which suggests the list is going to be incomplete - indie developers who aren’t getting a lot of attention, nor are aware of the site themselves, probably won’t end up being listed. Which is a bit mind boggling, given how long the list is.

*Oh, I finally got to the end. It ended up showing me well over a thousand items. For this week. I’m not sure there are enough filtering criteria to make that work, at least for indie games. Non-indie games will have enough attention to float to the top of the pile, but for most everything else, I don’t know how filters can distinguish between “game made by a middle school student one afternoon as the equivalent of a ‘shit-post’” and, well, everything else.

Best site for figuring out what computer games are coming out

Has Bloodlines 2 with a 2022 release date… :thinking:

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