Betrayal at House on the Hill - play if you dare

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The kid and I played this at a local Tabletop Day party and we both had great fun with it. If I had a regular group of 5 or more players I would own it.

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Easily one of my favourite games of all time.

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Agreed, Betrayal is an excellent game, and fairly easy for novice gamers to get into.

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Great game. Shapeways makes replacement sliders that work better. Free shipping until tomorrow.


These are various free phone apps that track characters – at least, I know there are for android.

One caveat: If you own or picked up an older copy of the game, it had pages of errata. The latest edition fixes a lot of those. So you’ll no longer end up with basement rooms on the second floor and things like that.

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Looks like fun.

Thanks so much for the tip; Betrayal is an awesome game, but the clips that come with it suck. We’ve been using small paper clips but these look fantastic. Ordering the six different colors now.

I’m glad I could help.

Coated paper clips also work as a cheap replacement clips. The shapeway ones look nice.

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When I see something like this, my first thought is I wish I knew more people that liked playing board games.


I’ve enjoyed playing this game for a few years now after some friends introduced it to us. Sadly, it is a bit intimidating to those who are not used to games like this and I’m afraid I turned one of my friends off to this and other European-style board games. Still, the game can build some pretty good tension among the players at time, and the adventure aspect can be a lot of fun.

As far as the clips go, I just put a little piece of paper around the edge of the character cards and that extra width keeps the clips in place fairly well.

This is good news.

I don’t recall placement issues, but the games I played tended to end with confusion over how the monsters / haunts were handled. There are LOTS of crazy/creepy creatures with unique attack and deployment styles, and the rules are a little sketchy.

But it was always GREAT fun.

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TIP: use duct tape on the inside of the sliders to make them “grab” the player stat board better. Otherwise, they slide all over and you can’t keep proper track. Lot’s of discussion online about this technique.

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Huh. Interesting to see Ashley out of character. I always got the impression that she was very careful (on account of probable gamer creepers) to avoid showing her IRL personality. Hence the HAWP persona of being apparently (but ambiguously) gay. That always seemed peculiar, but telling to me.

Fury of Dracula reprint is should hopefullys be OK, too.


I’ll openly admit that I don’t know board/card games very well, but this seems pretty cool: (Snip:)

In Fury of Dracula, a game of Gothic adventure, one player takes the role of Dracula while up to four others attempt to stop him by controlling Vampire hunters from the famous Bram Stoker novel.

Dracula has returned, and is determined to control all of Europe by creating an undead empire of Vampires. Dracula uses a deck of location cards to secretly travel through Europe, leaving a trail of encounters and events for the hunters that chase him.

Meanwhile, the hunters attempt to track and destroy Dracula using the limited information available to them - a task easier said than done when their prey has the power to change forms into a wolf or bat, and can even melt away into the mist when confronted.

To save Europe and rid the world of Dracula’s foul plague, the hunters must destroy Dracula before he earns enough victory points to win the game… will they have enough wit and bravery to defeat the dark count?

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I don’t think Betrayal is “European-style”. It has a lot of random chance involved, and the possibility of player elimination, both of which (especially the latter) give it a more “American” than “European” feel. Also, it was originally published by Avalon Hill, who are the American-style complex board game publisher.


Yikes, $25?

There are a bunch of alternatives on Thingverse that are even better, assuming you have access to a 3D printer.

It’s pretty nifty game. You may also enjoy Mansions of Madness, which is considerably more intricate.

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