Beyond Science Fiction: the Alternative Realism of Michael Whelan


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OMG seriously, I have his work framed, next to my desk… beautiful stuff! This print to be exact. It is the cover of Otherland: City of Golden Shadow by Tad Williams. Great series IMO.




I believe that is the cover of one edition of Lovecraft stories.


Yes - he did the covers for several HPL collections.


Utterly badass artist.


Is why I know his name.


Thumbs up for the Snow Queen! Here’s the Summer Queen

Summer Queen - Whelan

Snow Queen, World’s End, and Summer Queen are fabulous and should be read by everyone.


I believe that Michael Whelan has sold more books of Science Fiction and Fantasy than any author :slight_smile:


Always loved his paintings which feature some kind of ruins:

Second Foundation

Dozois Best of the Year


His Elric covers sold me on all of Michael Moorcock’s work. Amazing. I don;t think I have ever seen a crappy schlocky anything from Mr Whelan (OK I don;t know all his work and I am sure some client used him as a ambulatory paintbrush, but… )


Thats actually a very nice ass in that painting.


Yep. I mean bad as in the good bad.

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