Beyond the gig economy: "platform co-ops" that run their own apps

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jettisons the predatory capitalists, and as a result, is able to pay its workers $25/hour.

That’s socialism, my TGOP bible tells me so.


See, this is the thing that I don’t understand.

Bird does the scooter thing. Soon, you have like 50 companies doing the scooter thing.

Uber does the app thing. I would think that doing an app that works like Uber but basically just takes 10% off the top for the drivers would make mad bank fast; drivers would sign up in a heartbeat and would be the people who did most of your advertising. (Hey man, next time, use the Thmb app and you pay less…)

I would think that a new App like UBER’s would be fairly inexpensive to design, and if you used Cloud hosting it would be cheap until it scaled.

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