Big Data Hubris: Google Flu versus reality


This is an awesome article.

What makes us think that we can use web search trends as a valid proxy for a hundred thousand individual electronic health records systems around the country that don’t talk to each other? Who are we kidding? We HAVE the data. We just refuse to USE it.

I blame insurance companies. Because they put the brakes on meaningful reform. And meaningful reform would include money for innovations and standardization of data-sharing and disease surveillance in real time, countrywide.

Real-time disease surveillance is fully within our existing capabilities. We have the data interconnect standards in HL7. Most of the country uses EPIC or McKesson. We have standards bodies for medical billing. All the pieces exist; they just need to be put together. But guess who’s standing in the way? That’s right. The playground bully.

I hate our health care system here in the USA. It sucks. And so do the people running it.

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