Big tech eager to minimize remote working

I definitely don’t miss all the “mandatory fun” activities.

(I used to joke-but-not-really that I like to skip the so-called morale events so I can improve my own morale by getting some fucking work done in peace.)


It’s definitely different for everyone; my kid is a teen, and so working from home hasn’t been hard on me in that regard.


Pizza Party Friday was always a con.


Most of my office (here in Sydney) is back in the office 5 days a week now. This is despite the company spending money on the ability for them to work remotely. We have had for many years a number of 1-2 person offices around the world so it’s not like we don’t know how to manage people remotely.
I’m one of the few people still working from home regularly - I am doing 3 days in the office, 2 days remote. I’ll keep doing that for as long as I can get away with it.


I call those buildings “cruise ships” :smile:


Oh, I’m sure cruises were an inspiration to some of those architects, based on the designs found online. They are targeting younger, average income workers for ships like the one below, rather than rich retirees like the ones cruising on The World. Another angle is to repurpose cruise ships instead of constructing new buildings.


Love my short “commute”, my relaxed super work-casual wardrobe, and my daily 2 mi. lunchbreak walk.

Miss my team, the city library, and not living in headphones 8 hours daily to block out kids, leaf blowers, and general external distractions.

I bet I change my tune after a week of BART crush.


From last November

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I work at a small company and we’ve had the exact opposite experience while WFH. We’ve become more relaxed and have helped each other out a lot more. We may not be as chatty face to face, but I feel like our productivity has been increased. Some of my peers would take 45 to 60 minutes to reply to simple IMs and now I get responses within 5 minutes. I’ve become closer to co-workers who I really didn’t appreciate before the pandemic. It’s been awesome for us.




M’spouse agrees with you. He says zoom meetings are pretty inadequate for collaboration on software development.

His small legacy software company is staffed by legacy developers (i.e. people in their 60s). When the boss polled them about returning to the office (renewing the lease), my guy said, “if there’s no office, I’ll retire.”

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