Big Tech: "If the USA enforces antitrust laws against us, it means China will win!"

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Big Tech: “If the USA enforces antitrust laws against us, it means China will win!”

Win what?The internet of shit? They’re welcome to it.


Oh yeah. I mean when looking for a software solution, those Chinese offerings are just sooo appealing /s
U.S. big tech already sources a lot of their junk hardware from China and Chinese software is a joke.

What? Do they think we are blind? (don’t answer that)


Same argument about labor protections, same argument about environmental protections, same argument about sexual harassment, taxation, etc…I don’t know why we listen to only those who stand to lose personally when trying to judge and overall outcome.


Well put

that argument is basically saying that U.S. tech companies aren’t capable of producing products that can stand on their own merit.


The whole idea that winning in business or tech depends on having the largest international corporation founded in your country is completely inexplicable to me.

Not only is the welfare of U.S. citizens (or their users in other countries) not dependent on the size of Apple, Facebook, Amazon, or Google, there seems to be a clear inverse correlation.


I mean, yeah, there’s some truth to this. The current administration is alienating every single trade partner we have, our agriculture industry is reeling as a result of the tariffs, corruption and conflicts of interest have eroded or destroyed international confidence in our regulatory agencies, and now we’re getting ready to flail our way through some attempts at antitrust action. I can see how this might do more damage than good, under the current administration.

It just seems like we need to not fucking touch anything until some grownups are back in charge.

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So Big Tech is “us” … China is “them” … then who the fuck am I ?


You’re a lamppost.

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I think China already won. They have a true surveillance state, social credit scores, etc.

It is hard to claim you are being “disruptive” when a nation-state has already implemented it.

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I haven’t read FUD of this level since Microsoft tried to convince the world that Linux was evil.

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Well, golly, it’s a shame that US-based Big Tech became entirely dependent on loose antitrust laws and cheap China-supplied technology, and that a moron President enacting draconian tariffs and strict antitrust laws might tip that domino.

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