Big thinkers on dead scientific ideas


That article is so long that I think it covered just about everything in science.

I can hardly remember the last time I saw a professionally-published article of this length on the Internet that wasn’t split over a whole bunch of separate pages – especially one that’s already as neatly subdivided as this one is. It’s kind of refreshing.

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Is inter-page navigation a dead scientific idea? cuz, tldr.


I imagine we’ll start getting good comments about the article in an hour or two when people finish reading it.


Thank you so much for this link…

my current topic of conversation amongst my gal-pals, all of us in the 65ish age range, is how do we find out what we don’t know we don’t know? (who knew you could get TV content with a Comcast Internet connection?)
one of the main reasons I come to Boing Boing…you guys and MetaFilter…
and only because I first found the Vanity Fair Blogopticon five or six years ago…

Interesting times!

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No time to read that till the weekend but string theory gets my vote.

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Reddit has good links. And for general reading, does an amazing job of addictively high quality content. But it also has utterly gratuitous nudity, and by nudity, I mean porn. And by porn I mean vaginas. But if you can get past that, it’s an astonishing site.

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