Bing search results are a sewer of far-right memes and similar garbage

How did you get that from "Bing search autopopulated racists search suggestions when you type in “jews” and “black people”.

Even if you some how missed that detail. Multiple people have already pointed it out to you.

Or are you suggesting racist memes and tropes are the appropriate suggested searches for those two subjects?


Didn’t they get slapped awhile back for mining Google results?

Did you read the article or look at the screen-shots? This was not a sequential chain of events, it was Bing helpfully throwing up shit suggestions at the first opportunity!


I do remember a site long ago that presented multiple search engine results on one page. I wonder if they got pulled for the same thing.

I would look up what it was called but I don’t know how. :frowning:

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Difficult, unless the browser is tattling it. It’s not included in TCP/IP packets, and NetBIOS over TCP/IP should be a relic of the past.

1 Like used to do that, but it looks like an ordinary search page now.

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My experience with Bing is that in general it’s a shithole. No sense of relevancy to search terms. If I search for something that involves a woman’s name, I get back porn, for image search results, right up at the top. Hell, I inevitably get back porn no matter what I search for. Apparently because people search for porn, a random porn page had one of the words I was looking for, and context is for suckers Google Search.
It doesn’t surprise me that they’re pushing racist search suggestions.


Consider this my obligatory mention of support for DuckDuckGo.


You haven’t been using it recently then. It’s my main search engine, and it’s gotten quite good the last few years. It’s as good as Google for most things not related to TV shows.

You do realize you can turn on SafeSearch using the prominently highlighted control on the upper right, correct? Bing just happened to carve out a niche as the preeminent porn search engine, but you don’t have to use their expertise if you don’t want to.

That’s because you have the wrong opinion about them. I’ve never gotten back racist results from my use of Bing.

I’ve only ever used it the last couple of years. I’d hate to see what a festering pile of garbage it was before that, if this is better.

I don’t have that problem with Google with SafeSearch turned off. (By default I turn off censoring in order to avoid losing relevant results.) The real problem isn’t that it’s porn, but that it’s wildly irrelevant results - it literally ignores everything but one common word in order to give me those results. Sometimes it seems to be ignoring every search term in order to give me porn, as there’s no conceivable link. (And to head off the inevitable - no, it’s not because I’ve been searching for porn on Bing; that’s literally never happened. It’s not a case of it giving me what it thinks I want based on previous searches.) So yeah, it’s just a shit search engine. At this point I mostly use it accidentally because I have multiple browsers open and forgot which browser I was in. When I see the poor results, I realize I’m in Bing, do the same search in Google and inevitably get better results.

My “opinion” of them is that they give shit search results. Which, for me, they do. So that’s less an opinion than a fact.


When I accidentally search on Bing, I get nothing but Fox news links, right wing political cartoons, and homeopathic ads passed off as news articles. I’ve never searched or clicked for any of these things.This looks more like a feature than a bug.


This would be more newsworthy if anyone actually used Bing.

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