Bitcoin like currency system for prison


These quotes are an interesting read, all that said I wish Charlie well in the Federal Prison system.

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Seriously, one reason people wouldn’t want a bitcoin type currency in prison is that every single transaction is recorded out where everyone can see it. As the dopes at Silk Road found out. Maybe for the ‘legal’ transactions but it couldn’t replace the shadow currencies.


I somehow suspect his continued optimism may begin to waver in the near future.

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I will be fascinated to read his followup article “What I learned about bitcoin-like currencies while in Federal prison”. That’s not snark - I’m just reading his piece and thinking about what I know about how prison works (I do research with drug users) and thinking that right now he’s a little naive. But that in two years he won’t be, and he’ll have had plenty of time to think about it. So what he has to say at the end might be pretty interesting.


I foresee one difficulty - doesn’t Bitcoin require a processor? Shockingly, internet access is not yet universal for felons.

“How can I use the principals of Bitcoin in prison?” he asks while naively reinventing the basic concept of ‘accounting’ and unironically predicting that the only way it can fail is if somebody loses trust in the financial system he built for convicted criminals out of a trustless currency.


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