Bite-Sized Linux: a zine collecting awesome *nix tutorial webtoons


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It’s very not free. Personal version is $10.


This is what nerds think “comics” means?


Linux on the twitters. How incongruous!


I’m all about artists making money, and I’d love to have these so I could look forward to reading manpages, but man, $10? A dollar, tops.

edit: Oh she got a whole load of zines! I think the smart move is to grab all the freebies and donate.


Javascript doubles go beyond the scope of byte-size Linux (and *nix) set by the title of the zine. But that’s just the nerd inside me screaming.


It’s certainly stretching the boundaries of the category.

This is mostly just text in boxes.


I’m a GPL purist, so I don’t care about cost, but do I get the source code so I can make improvements?


She is one of the delights of my twitter feed. I wouldn’t call these comics, but Every time I read one of her posts I learn a thing or two.


I love this comic!


Lol Linux JS isn’t exactly a thing until elf encapsulates WebAssembly, right? Or conversely Carbon is my fave Android Twitter client…until Copy managed to truncate at char(127), adding a dieresis. Andoid L makes shared pipes the main transfer case anyhow, right?


Exhibit A

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