Black Friday blowout: 15% off everything in the Boing Boing store

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Wot? No vids of BBers fighting over $700 espresso machines.

I am disappointed.


Black Friday blowout on the BB store? Update it to Cyber Monday at least. Come on, it’s what all the “hip” corporations were doing last cycle. (I’m so tired…)


Right, isn’t today Buy-Nothing Friday?


Isn’t black Friday “Morning Left Over Mulled Wine and Sausage Stuffing Breakfast With Cranberries” Friday?

I can probably make the name shorter, but should I?

@zfirphdn’s law


Whatever. As long as I’m allowed to get high and put lots of mustard and sriracha on everything it’ll stay down.


If you still want something from loog guitar, they are having a 30% sale today.

I’m a little salty because none of the 3 ordered from last week’s 20% promo have arrived yet.

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Not to get too off topic… But the loogs look great. Unlike other simple instruments, they don’t teach you wrong shapes (well, none of them are wrong, just ask John renborn). I’d love to have one or three, but my house is small :slight_smile:

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