Black History Month, and the history of America spying on Black people


Fuck the spying, let’s talk about the assassinations.

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Okay… what about them, exactly?

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Just one of the many reasons it’s obscene the FBI Headquarters building actually has J. Edgar Hoover’s name on it.

Commit one crime, you go to jail. Commit so many crimes that the records thereof fit into multiple personal file cabinets, you get to commit as many more as you can before you die, peacefully in your sleep, after a long career of evildoing.

It’s absurd and bizarre that JEH has yet to be discredited by the government. As long as his name stays on the FBI building, it is a stain. And what’s weird is none of his crimes are even disputed. They’re just kind of… ignored.

That was more of a rhetorical suggestion, but if you want to take it literally, we can talk about how they were actually the point of COINTELPRO. If you look at COINTELPRO and think “oh wow look at this surveillance” you’re only looking at it with one eye.

Quite possibly, that eye wants to use the murderous history of the suppression of Black movements as a political tool while ignoring the wider historical context. With that in mind, the framing of the article is a little too “PRISM is just like COINTELPRO” for my tastes. Until we can connect PRISM to some assassinations, that sort of mindset is unacceptable and hijacks a history of Black martyrs.

So it sounds as though you’re suggesting that the assassinations of Martin Luther King Junior and Malcolm X can, in fact, be demonstrably connected to COINTELPRO?

As opposed to the conventional wisdom regarding their deaths?

That Malcolm X was assassinated by Talmadge Hayer, Norman 3X Butler, and Thomas 15X Johnson - members of the Nation of Islam, the organization that Malcolm X broke away from and spoke out against after visiting Mecca on a pilgrimage, and which publicly called for his death?

That King was killed by convicted career criminal James Earl Ray, who had served in Germany in WWII and who quite likely suffered from untreated PTSD, helping to explain his repeat criminality and life as a drifter?

Citation, please.

Yes, there are the conspiracy theories. Yes, the FBI was involved in surveillance of, and political resistance against, these two figures. Yes, the FBI was tipped off in advance to an attempt on Malcolm X’s life (although with the Nation of Islam all but stating they were going to kill him, they scarcely needed the tip). Yes, the FBI was monitoring King at the time of his assassination. Yes, COINTELPRO did many illegal things, and more more immoral ones. Yes, the FBI was at the time still run by the excreble excuse for a human J. Edgar Hoover.

But to actually accuse them of being directly responsible for the assassinations? It’s simply not in proportion to the evidence. You could, at best, perhaps make a case that the FBI allowed the assassinations to happen - that might actually be arguable with some degree of reality.

MLK kisses white butts - Malcom X is da man!!! Malcom X saw through all the BS to the truth…

It’s absurd and bizarre that the Federal government has yet to be discredited by the legacy of Hoover, the NSA, the IRS, the ATF, the FCC, the DEA, the EPA, the DOE and so on.

Which “truth” are we talking about, here?

His original message that the only way to effect meaningful lasting change is through armed revolt?

Or the exact opposite message he took up after he went on The Hajj, had a personal religious epiphany, and ultimately decided that there were other, better ways to overcome racial problems and societal ills?

… legacy of EPA …

I hate when the government keeps my water overly clean; let the free market decide what is clean and what is not.

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