Blame Big Data for CVS's endless miles of receipts


What personal info? I get a free rewards card with no obligation to provide any info whatsoever. If you buy prescriptions, they already know your name and DOB.


Seems like if you are buying $24,000 a year’s worth of gift cards there would be a way to buy them in quantity for a better value than at a grocery store. Or is $24,000 a number that falls between the cracks in terms of purchasing options?


Sure - they don’t share information. Just let these other companies know that you might be interested n products related to birth control, stds, erectile dysfunction or any other personal item you might buy at a drug store.

“ We may at times use outside companies as CVS Pharmacy’s agents to help provide you with promotional information and offers; beyond your name and addresses, these agents do not receive any personal information about you from CVS Pharmacy and are bound to keep your information strictly confidential.”