Blizzard's corporate president publicly apologizes for bungling players' Hong Kong protests, never mentions Hong Kong

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His opening remarks were perfectly fine. There wasn’t a need for him to discuss the situation in HK and China. What he needed to do was address how Blizz handled themselves and their players and employees.

He can’t even bring himself to mention what the situation was about.

I’m done with Blizzard games.


This man is a coward.


A non-apology apology. They’re sorry they pissed people off, but they also didn’t - and don’t - want to piss off China, so they’re not going to do anything different, nor even apologize for what they did.


He also didn’t mention a single point of action for going forward. Other than the ‘I’m sorry’ this is completely empty.

And Activision-Blizzard is not a company that can say ‘Just trust us to do better’ and you can actually trust them to do anything better.


It’s not a bad way to go, given the strictures of corporate cowardice. This way, when Winnie the Pooh inevitably complains that the apology hurts his fee-fees, Brack can say the apology was about loot crates that unbalanced the game.


Does he have to? Companies are not a person and do not need to take a position about this. He only needs to be responsible for the actions his company does or doesn’t take.

I am glad you are done with their games. Good luck finding that unicorn company that perfectly stands for a reflects you and only you.

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If he wants to have any hope of finally putting this one to bed then, yes. As we can quite obviously see as a result of this and other articles covering his remarks, his approach has made the situation worse.


That is not how that works…and will never work. And if I have to explain why then this is a pointless discussion.

not only that, he also encouraged the players to “be good to each other,” as if this was all the players fault to begin with.


Sure he did. He’s sorry that people were upset that Blizzard did a bad thing. He said that he hopes they’ll do better in the future convincing people that toadying to totalitarians is cool. That’s their point of action. That’s the only interpretation of what he said that makes any sense, anyways.


But is he “taking it very seriously”?!

Otherwise he’s not even trying.

I was done after the half finished Diablo 3 I waited 12 years for.

Thank you. Will you stop your inane corporist apology tour now please? T’anks!


It’s worst than doing nothing.
Cowardice at his max, If your games are good for the world, China will let you play with. You don’t have to lower your standard in front of dictatorship. It only makes you an accomplice of mass surveillance, torture,…
Even Facebook being blocked in China still have 10 Billion USD revenue each year from Chinese companies.


I’m normally one for a cynical view of corps but I feel like when you fucked up so badly it resulted in consistent front page coverage, mass boycotts of your games, and condemnations of your actions that somehow managed to unite both political parties I feel like you’re at the point where you need to at least mention what you did wrong in your non-apology.


A lot of corporate speak and no substance. I’m glad another generation is learning that corporations do not give a shit about consumers or the things that matter to people, like justice and empathy and humanity. It’s just a shame that his speech was a carefully rehearsed message that essentially said “our bottom line has been impacted by these events, which hurts us emotionally, so in the future we’ll be more clear in the rules about what you can and cannot say during live matches so that we can avoid such unpleasantness.”


Activision/Blizzard is legally obligated to do what is best for shareholders, not gamers, or the rest of the world. He said exactly what he thought would benefit his shareholders the most.

Blaming them is like blaming any other law abiding entity. We need to change corporate law so that shareholders don’t always come first.


Exactly the point.

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