Blogging History: Stross's Neptune's Brood; Book planters; Dweeb is the new black


I love most of Charlie’s work. That said, I thought Neptune’s Brood was a disappointment. Sorry Charlie.

Neptune’s Brood marked the last book I’ll ever buy from that crypto-luddite.

I doubt I’m missing much, after a certain point its all rehashing the same old tropes while the author vainly tries to recapture the spark that made them interesting.

A fitting end to a fossilized futurist.

Stross’s anti-bitcoin articles sure brought out the crypto-huffing haters.


I really didn’t care for it either.

“I am now going to bore you to death with the political economy of Shin-Tethys”


Not to mention bringing out the inured participants to failing sovereign states. Their zeal in defending the ongoing debasement of their currency is amusingly misplaced.

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