Blueborne is a newly revealed Bluetooth attack that allows wireless penetration of billions of devices

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aaaaaand this is why I require a real honest-to-god motherfucking headphone jack.


…fully patched Windows systems and Ios devices are protected, and an Android update is being pushed today for Google phones.

This seems rather at odds with the headline.

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Now I have a reason beyond extending battery life to turn off Bluetooth on all my devices (I don’t own any wireless headphones or mice or keyboards, the higher price never seemed worthwhile)

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Most Android phones aren’t by Google and are unlikely to ever get a patch?

I wonder if there will ever be a patch for my car.


Now who is laughing at me and my 130K mile shitwagon ?

the answer is everyone. everyone is laughing at me and my shitwagon.


bluetooth is also extremely vulnerable to eavesdropping , device at the side style data intercepts - -

I was walking near the local jail recently, listening to music, using bluetooth headphones, and experienced the strangest kinds of interference for about a block all the way around the jail. My phone froke the fuck out. It made me really wonder for the first time what kind of surveillance equipment they’ve got running in there.

Then again, this is the same jail that has amateur strip shows on the parking structure across the street for the prisoners to watch, so yeah, who knows what surveilling people across the street might yield?

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I wonder if Apple phones sold in early 2013 will get the patch.

Proving once again that you shouldn’t run carrier Android…

Sure! It costs $30,000 but if you trade in the old chassis it’s cheaper.


Note who posted the headline to begin with.


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