Boars, Gore, and Swords GoT recap: 4x02:


Finally, the little shit gets his due!


Wow, great way to start a podcast, with terrible singing and shouting. Have no idea what the rest of the podcast sounds like, but those first five seconds are so excruciating, I imagine hyperventilating screaming fanboys.

Game of Goats


I’m pretty certain it was Sansa that did it. She had more motive than anyone, she had the cup under the table, she could have had the help of Varys.

Was Littlefinger out of town?


Prevailing thought is it was the Queen of Thorns, although Sansa’s headdress is probably made of poison (no joke).

I too couldn’t get through this podcast, the discussion is so wild and breathless it’s just tiring to listen to.

Almost 2.5 hours of podcast on a 40 min show. This is madness. Fandomcraze maybe.

The link seems to be the wrong one? Unless I’m really confused, it seems to be about an older EP, and not this weeks.

I checked the links, the flash player and the mp3 download are definitely our 4x02 recap. Is there another link that doesn’t point at the correct episode?

It’s an hour and 45 minute on a one hour show! Much more reasonable.

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The intro song came from the podcast’s first game show edition. It was somewhat spontaneously done. For me, who has been listening since the beginning, this always makes me smile. Don Preston, though, makes the best intro songs. Try to catch those as well. You can listen to the intros original incarnation here:

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Weird, I love the theme song.

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