Boars, Gore, and Swords podcast covers Game of Thrones S7E4, "Spoils of War"

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My favorite exchange from that episode:

Jon: What do we have, 10,000 soldiers? Less?
Davos: *Fewer
Jon: What?


I keep trying to give this podcast a shot…I find them so grating to listen to. They consistently ramble and talk over one another. They tangent far too much. I get they may want to do something informal, but it makes it very very difficult to listen to without some structure and less voice changing and impersonations and such.

Davos is a legend.


That was a nice callback to stannis the grammar police and shows davos learns proper good…


Oops, you wrote “the fourth season of Game of Thrones hits its midpoint” but I think you meant to write the seventh season episode four instead.

Otherwise all’s well!

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